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February 18, 2019

I am very happy - my marks improved with 11% in one term. (Danya Reyneke)

Studymaster is a great investment. My child's marks improved a lot since we started making use of the service. His marks for all his study subjects are now over 79%. I don't have to study anymore because he does so himself! (Ria)

We are so proud! Our daughter brought home an excellent report. With the assistance of Studymaster, she finds studying much more enjoyable and nothing falls by the wayside like it used to when she had to do her own summaries. Studymaster relieves a lot of pressure in our home, for everyone concerned. (Jolene Spies)

My daughter is Grade 7 in Laerskool Hermanstad and has been doing excellent work thanks to Studymaster. Studymaster + Klarise + hard work = excellent grades! We are so proud. Thank you Studymaster. (Natasha van der Westhuizen)

Without the assistance of Studymaster, my daughter in Grade 6 would not have achieved the grades she did. Since we started using the service, she has consistently ranked among the top 10 learners in her class. Thank you so much for all your hard work to make things easier on our kids. I can highly recommend the service - it's the best! (Elmien)

I would definitely recommend Studymaster. It helped my daughter a lot in her final year at school. I only wish we had known about it sooner! (Martie)

We have been using Studymaster since 2016 and haven't looked back on our decision since. Brandon's average improves every term. (Olga)

We've been using Studymaster since our child was in Grade 5 and it makes a huge difference in my daughter's busy schedule. We plan ahead to reduce the pressure. She currently maintains 'n 90% average in Grade 6 and we've already ordered her speeches for the fourth term. Planning + Studymaster = recipe for success! (Isabel)

Studymaster is amazing. My son's marks for social sciences climbed from 29% to 54% in one term. His marks for technology also improved from 25% to 57%. (Lora Venter)

I am always impressed with the Studymaster summaries and service. It's very thorough. (Erika Griessel)

Studymaster is excellent. They help my son a lot and his marks have really improved. Their efficient service makes our work as parents a whole lot easier. (Alma van Rooyen)

My son's average improved from 76% to 82% before the third term thanks to the assistance of Studymaster. (Drikus)

Thanks for all your exceptional help with my children's school work. Keep it up! (EB)

We have been using Studymaster for five years and will definitely keep doing so. (IC)

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter got full marks for the project on religion she handed in. Thank you for all the research you did! (V Swart)

Studymaster is one of my best finds yet. My eldest daughter's marks improved between 15 and 28% across various subjects since we started using the service. (Carel Bezuidenhoud)

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